One on One private hair extensions training  on 12 processes. CoCo has officially made herself available to train stylists and give them knowledge in the business that took her more than 15 years to learn. CoCo La Rue today has become a prominent name and have earned a place of respected hair artist in the business of hair extensions. The journey has started after having a severe breakout wearing extensions when she was 22 years old. CoCo has met with numerous skin doctors that are unable to help her and cure her skin. Finally, after a long journey she came across Doctor Juan. He asked her if she had pets in her home and this the  reason she was allergic to it. CoCo stated that she did not have any animals. Dr. Juan after hearing this statement decided to test the hair of the extensions CoCo was wearing.

After the test it has been found that the extensions that CoCo was wearing had animal hair and human hair mixed together. This  was also coated with a strong chemical and this is the why CoCo La Rue o have a sedere alergic reaction. It has so harmful that the extensions was removed immediately from her head that same day in the doctor’s office. This was a tragic result for which she gave up wearing extensions for nearly 3 years. During those days by wearing her own very fine and thin hair, she traveled the World Paris, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Dubai, where she visited she formed a team of what she calls her “hand pickers.”

Her team started visiting to the villages and neighbors knocking on doors to see if anyone wants to sell their long healthy hair. If they find the same, the hand picker and prepared to ship into the USA, which is then processed for tipping, weft, wigs and closures are made. CoCo La Rue Hair Extension Certification is the great way for hair stylists to partner with a top of the line hair extension brand company.  When you are certified with our company,  you can easily have access to wholesale pricing, marketing materials, and a free starter kit. Once certified we also add you to our salon directory for unlimited referrals for local stylists who carry and offer top of the line hair extension service.

Brazilian Knott Extensions Seattle, Seamless Extensions Seattle, Snyder Extensions Seattle, Fusions Extensions Seattle, CoCo La Rue Mini Strands Extensions Seattle, 3 Natural Sew In Weave Methods, Hair Replacement Classes Seattle, Man-Weave installation Micro Mini, Treatments For Trichotillomania Seattle and Many More. In addition to this, we also offer Advance classes we make master hair extension experts out of hair stylists. Besides, for overseas hair stylists we provide online hair extension training course to salons overseas in Paris France, Africa & Italy.

No matter if you are certified with another Brand the more you learn the better you will become.  This will help you increase your revenue, knowledge and access to the most beautiful hair in the World at discounted pricing. You can still join our stylist program by supplying your stylist license and start with an opening order of $1000 or more. Besides, when it comes to supplying hair extensions for your clients it’s better to have an option when it comes to ordering top quality hair from a honest company. Having that option will benefit you.

Where Our Classes are taught and who can take them?

CoCo teaches her classes at her private hair extensions seattle studio by reservation only. Classes are taught to license hair stylists only in Seattle and around the World.