Get Certified In 10 Hair Extensions Classes

Located in Washington DC & Beverly Hills CA. Come to CoCoLaru and get certified in the following

  • Strand by Strand Brazilian Knott Extensions
  • Strand by Strand Needle Size Fusions
  • Seamless Extensions
  • Vixen Weave Extensions
  • CoCo La Rue Strand Extensions
  • Hair Replacement Techniques for Men & Women

Here you get to learn the skill from an online video or  a 6 hr class and this is an added advantage.

About CoCo La Rue Classes & where they are being held.

­ PRIVATE ONE ON ONE HAIR EXTENSIONS CERTIFICATION  Hair Extensions DC, Best Hair Extensions Salon Washington DC

CoCo La Rue has officially launched her one on one private hair extensions training and classroom classes atCoCo La Rue School Of Extensions inside CoCo La Rue Stores. In the private classes, A List Stylist & Hair Extensions Brand Owner CoCo La Rue teaches you all the extension reasons. In this classroom classes it has been taught by a selection of talented Stylists from around the World. It is Our team of talented instructors are requested all around the world to work on editorial shoots for well-known magazines, they are often flown in to do hair for celebrities, bridal, models, photo shoots and high-end special events. School owner CoCo La Rue is a leader within the hair extensions industry. CoCo La Rue™ quality is so top notch that it has taken on the slogan for being the most beautiful hair in the World.

CoCo La Rue Hair Extension Certification is a great way for hair stylists to partner with a top of the line hair extension brand company.  When you are certified with our company would be able to have access to our high quality hair.

You would get a wholesale pricing, marketing materials, and a free starter kit and once certified we also add you to our salon directory for unlimited referrals for local stylists who carry and offer top of the line hair extension services. For A list Instructors offer new and updated latest hair styling tips for extensions and installations. For example Brazilian Knott Extensions, Seamless Extensions, Snyder Extensions, Fusions Extensions, CoCo La Rue Mini Strands Extensions, 3 Natural Sew In Weave Methods, Hair Replacement Classes, Man-Weave installation and Many More.



Even if you have certified with another Brand we still can have get certified with our online hair extension course too. You have to be licensed cosmetologist as this course is for professionals only.  This will only help you increase your revenue, knowledge and access to the most beautiful hair in the World at discounted pricing.

Day 2: Hands-On
  • Proper application, common mistakes and how to avoid them.