Take a look at the proper preparation and installation of a lace wig and 360 Closure is very important when it comes to applying your lace wig on properly. We recommend only wearing them if you have hairloss or going through chemo treatment. You should not wear wigs if you do not have hairloss problems. However they can be use temporary for photo shoots or on a bad hair day. We can install them temporay or for a few weeks. If installed correctly Full lace wigs look and feel natural. They can even be worn during swimming and most sports activities without coming off. Put on your full lace wig seattle washington the right way so that only you will know that t will not fall off.

Note: We only install wigs purchased from us.

Make Your Hair Into Cornrows

Apply The 360 Lace Front-band

Cut The Lace Edges To Match Hairline

Sew In Hair Wefts To The Center Part