CoCo La Rue Jingle Artists are sung by artists that hasamazing vocals and which captures the beauty in every lyric of the song. The jingles are mostly written about woman who are wearing CoCo La Rue premier brand of hair extensions. Those who have used some of CoCo’s extensionknows that CoCo’s extensions are the best hair extensions in Washington DC and on the market. These songs help peoplerejuvenated and inspire when they are listening to them. The songs are so soothing that people added it as their ringtone. This year’s artist is no other than R&B sensation Tony Terry. Click on one of the videos below and Indulge yourself with the sweet sounds of CoCo’s 2015 jingle.

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Asia 2017-2018 CoCo La Rue Artist Click Here

Mylah 2013-2014 CoCo La Rue Artist Click Here

Tony Terry 2015-2016 CoCo La Rue Artist Click Here

Jre Riley 2014-2015 CoCo La Rue Artist Click Here