About CoCo La Rue

It has been more than a decade, we, Hair Brand Owner and Hair Extensions Seattle Stylist CoCo La’Rue stand as a prominent name in the market. We have profoundly perfected the art of delivering natural as well as undetectable styles in terms of hair extensions and beautiful lace front wigs. Our expertise in this genre started after working as a stylist and make-up artist in print, television, weddings and  film and what CoCo delivers you will love it at first sight. The collection of hair extensions that we make is of 100% human hair that is imported directly from Malaysia, India & Brazil. Our forte is to provide hair that has unmatched quality and that prevents breakouts and allergic reactions, which perfectly meets everyone’s taste.

CoCo La’Rue Hair Extensions Seattle is best known in the market for offers hair extension services. The brand is  also specialized in different prospects like natural hair extensions, Brazilian knott extensions, strand by strand infusion, micro links, flat method, sew in weaves, seamless tracks, tape, custom made wigs and clip-in extensions. In addition to these there are other services as well that includes: press and curl, bridal hairstyles, makeup application, eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping. The ultimate aim of CoCo is to provide you the look and feel of a full and healthy head of hair.


Question: Coco what made you travel the World and start your own hair extensions line?.

“Severe skin breakouts from non-human hair and the inability to find the hair I needed in one location prompted me to begin my own signature collection. When I was 22 years old I had a severe allergic reaction to my hair extensions that I was wearing. After visiting at least 4 doctors they told me that my allergic reaction was due to the hair extensions I was wearing. The Doctor office took my extensions out at his office, I immediately felt better.  I did my research and realized that others were having the same problems. “With my collection of superior quality 100% human hair, women will be confident that their purchases will help them achieve the look and style they desire. The results will be long lasting with untreated hair lasting up to two years.”

“CoCo La Rue the owner of CoCo La Rue Hair Extensions stated that ever since I could remember I’ve been fascinated with textures, shapes, and colors. The art of makeup and hair design paved my way to bring up the opportunity to incorporate the qualities to create beauty with every style that I do and every face I paint. From abstract to showing women a better version of themselves is what I strive to give to my customers and this is my strength. Living most of my life on the west coast in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to work with many talented individuals. My professionalism in this genre started after working in television and film, but above all my favorite medium is print. Creating dimension and emotion with a flat image presents challenges I find fascinating. I have learned a lot after working with wedding parties and in the fashion industry and I have marked a goal to deliver the best undetectable hair extensions that one can deliver.